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Fix wnpp inconsistencies

Description: When you want to package a Debian package there is a workflow to follow. Sometimes people make some errors that must be fixed. In this page I explain how I catch these errors and how I try to fix them.

Language(s): English

List of wnpp inconsistencies: https://qa.debian.org/~bartm/wnpp-rfs-mentors/wnpp-inconsistencies.txt

Program to generate some mails and actions to fix these inconsistencies: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/users/monica/wnpp-inconsistencies-suggestions.git/

Dependencies to be installed: libdbi-perl, libdbd-pg-perl

To run the program, first you should have an open connection to UDD:

ssh -NL 5452:udd.debian.org:5452 monica@alioth.debian.org

And then run the program:


This program generates suggestions to do to fix the inconsistencies.

Sometimes you must send a mail to the BTS. You can use mutt. For example:

mutt -s "wnpp inconsistencies" -i wnpp-suggestions/control@bugs.debian.org control@bugs.debian.org


mutt -s "problem description" -i wnpp-suggestions/######@bugs.debian.org ######@bugs.debian.org

Sometimes you have to add a coment to mentors.debian.net.

If a suggestion has been done or you want to skip it, you can add it to the file done_suggestions, writing the line with the suggestion. The program will skip this inconsistency from the input file. If a suggestion does not appear in the input file the program will remove this line from done_suggestions file.

This program is not stable yet. If you use it and see any problem, please mail me at monica@debian.org.