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Outreach Program for Women talk

Last Saturday (2013-05-11), I gave a talk about Outreach Program for Women (OPW) at the Ubuntu Party Festa Raring Ringtail. I was invited to give this talk because I'm one of the coordinators of this program in Debian side.

This was a small talk and was split in three parts. During the first part I talked about the problem in general: lack of women in technology world. In the second part I talked about the paradox that there are even less women in FLOSS, giving Debian as an example: a very wonderful project, where techie (or non-techie) women should be in love with (at least I am!), has only about 1.6% of women DD. The last part was focused in OPW itself, the successful experience of GNOME with an increasing number of women in their organization and how the program works.

I hope that women attendees will think about applying to OPW or collaborating actively in FLOSS :-)

Here you have the slides (in Catalan): Talk: Outreach Program for Women

Debian-Wheezy party in Barcelona

Yesterday night Debian Wheezy was released and Debian Catalan community organized a nice party to celebrate it. Thanks to all Debian contributors that have made this new release possible!

The magic thing was that we organized this event through the debian-user-catalan list and everyone contributed in a different way (one made the poster, some spread the word, other brought some^Wa lot of food…) It was a DIY party and I think I can say everybody enjoyed it. Yes, I'm proud to belong to this local community.

Here you have the party souce code (developed in Catalan language): Catalan Debian Wheezy party source code

And here you have the binary:

Be careful, if you try to build it again, the binary may be different ;)

The DPL Game

I love playing… let's play DPL game!

My fantastic four:

  • enrico zini
  • gregor herrmann
  • moray allan
  • christian perrier (*)

And I could think in more people, but rules only allow to present four candidates…

And I am sure there are more people that I could nominate, but it's difficult to know everybody in Debian…

(*) Sorry bubulle, I had this list before you wrote your post :-P

In fact, I like DPLs who don't like the idea of being a leader ;-)

Hackafou: Cómo empezar a colaborar en Debian

Last Saturday (13/10/2012), I gave a talk about Debian in Hackafou, the Hackmeeting 2012. The talk was titled “Cómo empezar a colaborar en Debian” (“How to start to collaborate in Debian”) and I think all the attendants enjoyed it very much :)

Here you have all the produced material (slides and audio), both in Spanish: Talk: Cómo empezar a colaborar en Debian

You'll find a README inside the slides tar file with a summary of what I talked about during each slide. This is because slides are very visual, with almost no text.

I hope you like it!

Debconf12: Debian QA, una puerta de entrada al proyecto Debian

I wanted to write this post a lot of days ago, but… it's better late than never :-)

Last July, I had the pleasure to be at Debconf12, in Managua. On Debian Day, I gave a talk about getting involved in Debian through Debian QA Team. I hope everybody who was there enjoyed the talk!

The talk was in Spanish and here you have all the produced material (slides and video): Talk: Debian QA, una puerta de entrada al proyecto Debian.

Debian talk at Institut Àusias March

Last Friday (2012-04-20) I gave a talk about Debian at Institut Àusias March. This talk was inside Jornades tècniques d'FP 2012, a conference organized by different schools around Catalonia. I tried to explain to about 60 students the essence of Debian Project… I hope they enjoyed the talk!

To prepare the slides, I played a little bit with impress.js. I don't think I'm a great artist but I enjoyed using this nice tool.

Here you have the slides I used for the talk: Talk: Debian. El sistema operatiu lliure creat per la comunitat.

They are in Catalan but, although you don't understand this language, I encourage you to go until the last slide… stars always have something to tell you ;)

From non-DD to DD

Two weeks ago I became a Debian Developer. I must say this made me very very happy! In fact, I still can't believe it… But what makes me really happy is to continue collaborating in this great community.

When you change your “status” from non-DD to DD, you must do some changes in your configurations. I've written a recipe about this called Non-DD to DD steps, maybe it can be useful for future incoming DDs. If someone detects an error, please tell me, I'll be glad of fixing it.

Besides this, I don't want to finish this post without thanking publicly everybody that has given me a helping hand.

First of all I want to thank ana, my tireless mentor and main sponsor, and mentors list as well as mentors IRC channel, for being always there. Also, I want to thank hauke, who uploaded my first little contribution and encouraged me a lot, francesca, with who I had the pleasure to work a little bit on past IRC trainig sessions, all people who have encouraged me (including greoga, rmayorga, asheesh, jordi, anibal and Debian Women Team), hyperair for helping me on packaging, lucas for clarifying my doubts about QA massive bugs filing, all members of OpenStreetMap Team for their help, lfaraone, my AM, and finally but not less important I thank all people I met in Debconf11 that make me find out that Debian is greater than I thought (agi, frequena, gunnar, vicho, tincho, sanvila, enrico and more!).

I'm sure I'm forgetting someone… yes, you! But I'm sure you'll forgive me, you know, memory is not my best quality ;-) Thanks!!!

Dunetna reloaded

Welcome to new dunetna website!!!

After some years of low maintenance of this site, it's time to update it. It has more or less the same content as it had, but some new features have been added. For example, this blog.

The main change is that dunetna website was a home-made application and now it's based in dokuwiki software.

You can read more about this site at about page.