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What is this?

dunetna.probeta.net is Mònica Ramírez Arceda's home page. The aim of this page is to collect everything I do that I want to share: courses, mini-tutorials, source code, thougths… There are also some links to projects where I collaborate.

Finally, you'll also find some external links that I find interesting and I always want to have at hand.

Who are you?

I am an enthusiast of free software and sharing knowledge cultures: for me it's a kind of philosophy of life ;-)

I try to do my best collaborating with Debian, helping in self-managed server Probeta, giving some talks and sharing my IT courses.

In 2013, I described myself to celebrate The Ada Lovelace Day.

What are these coloured bullets?

They're a kind of tags. Let's see their meaning:

Dunetna: If an item has this tag, this means that the content is done by me (totally or partially). So, if you see a mistake or you want to make a suggestion about it, I'll be very happy if you contact me. Praises are also welcome :-D

Moodle course: This is a Moodle course. In most cases, you'll be able to visit the course or downloading it as a Moodle backup. This second option may be interesting for teachers who want to use the course for their work.

Talk: This is a talk presentation and the associated material.

Source Code: This means that this item has source code you can use. All source code you find in this web site that has the Dunetna bullet, is licensed under a free software license. So, enjoy it!

Quick Reference: Nothing to say: this is or includes a quick reference card.

Audio & Video: Nothing to say: this is or includes an audio or a video.

English, Catalan, Spanish?

Yes… there is a little bit of languages remix. Although the main language of this site is English, a lot of things I do are in Catalan or Spanish. So, you'll find some bits of this homepage in these languages.

English is not my mother tongue, so if you see any language mistake I'll be very happy if you report it to me :-)

This website is powered by...

Dokuwiki!!! Although the aim of this site is not to be a wiki, I like this piece of software and it's quite comfortable for me to use it for my homepage. Here you have the plugins I've used:

  • blogtng
  • captcha
  • editx
  • feedmod
  • wrap

And of course, a little bit of CSS!