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Debian-Wheezy party in Barcelona

Yesterday night Debian Wheezy was released and Debian Catalan community organized a nice party to celebrate it. Thanks to all Debian contributors that have made this new release possible!

The magic thing was that we organized this event through the debian-user-catalan list and everyone contributed in a different way (one made the poster, some spread the word, other brought some^Wa lot of food…) It was a DIY party and I think I can say everybody enjoyed it. Yes, I'm proud to belong to this local community.

Here you have the party souce code (developed in Catalan language): Catalan Debian Wheezy party source code

And here you have the binary:

Be careful, if you try to build it again, the binary may be different ;)


We also had this fancy cake: https://u2m.nl/i/debian-cake

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