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Outreach Program for Women talk

Last Saturday (2013-05-11), I gave a talk about Outreach Program for Women (OPW) at the Ubuntu Party Festa Raring Ringtail. I was invited to give this talk because I'm one of the coordinators of this program in Debian side.

This was a small talk and was split in three parts. During the first part I talked about the problem in general: lack of women in technology world. In the second part I talked about the paradox that there are even less women in FLOSS, giving Debian as an example: a very wonderful project, where techie (or non-techie) women should be in love with (at least I am!), has only about 1.6% of women DD. The last part was focused in OPW itself, the successful experience of GNOME with an increasing number of women in their organization and how the program works.

I hope that women attendees will think about applying to OPW or collaborating actively in FLOSS :-)

Here you have the slides (in Catalan): Talk: Outreach Program for Women


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