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From non-DD to DD

Two weeks ago I became a Debian Developer. I must say this made me very very happy! In fact, I still can't believe it… But what makes me really happy is to continue collaborating in this great community.

When you change your “status” from non-DD to DD, you must do some changes in your configurations. I've written a recipe about this called Non-DD to DD steps, maybe it can be useful for future incoming DDs. If someone detects an error, please tell me, I'll be glad of fixing it.

Besides this, I don't want to finish this post without thanking publicly everybody that has given me a helping hand.

First of all I want to thank ana, my tireless mentor and main sponsor, and mentors list as well as mentors IRC channel, for being always there. Also, I want to thank hauke, who uploaded my first little contribution and encouraged me a lot, francesca, with who I had the pleasure to work a little bit on past IRC trainig sessions, all people who have encouraged me (including greoga, rmayorga, asheesh, jordi, anibal and Debian Women Team), hyperair for helping me on packaging, lucas for clarifying my doubts about QA massive bugs filing, all members of OpenStreetMap Team for their help, lfaraone, my AM, and finally but not less important I thank all people I met in Debconf11 that make me find out that Debian is greater than I thought (agi, frequena, gunnar, vicho, tincho, sanvila, enrico and more!).

I'm sure I'm forgetting someone… yes, you! But I'm sure you'll forgive me, you know, memory is not my best quality ;-) Thanks!!!


2012/04/10 05:47 reply

Welcome to Debian!

Please merge your guide into the Debian wiki!

2012/04/10 06:33 reply

Might you want to subscribe to debian-private? (non-DD so I don't know)

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer
2012/04/10 13:36 reply


@Dave: that's done automatically when you become a DD.

2012/04/11 08:40 reply

congrats Mònica! un ex-alumne :)

2012/04/11 09:46 reply

Un altre ex-alumne que et felicita!

Another ex-student who congratules you!

Victor Westmann
2012/04/12 22:09 reply

Hi. Saw your interesting post in http://planet.debian.org.

Funy thing is I can almost understand all what you've written in your site because brazilian portuguese is somehow similar to catalan. :)

How can I seek help – or a mentor – to learn things about linux on IRC?

Cheers from sunny Brazil.

2012/04/17 11:58 reply

@foo: Yes, I should do it :-)

@Lluís: @Eloi: Quina il·lusió trobar-vos aquí! Great to meet you here!

@Victor Westmann: #debian-mentors IRC channel on irc.debian.org

2012/05/03 22:58 reply

Jo també he sigut (i seré) ex-alumne ;).

Eskerrik asko per tot ho aprés. Va per tú:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMU0tzLwhbE :P