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Hackafou: Cómo empezar a colaborar en Debian

Last Saturday (13/10/2012), I gave a talk about Debian in Hackafou, the Hackmeeting 2012. The talk was titled “Cómo empezar a colaborar en Debian” (“How to start to collaborate in Debian”) and I think all the attendants enjoyed it very much :)

Here you have all the produced material (slides and audio), both in Spanish: Talk: Cómo empezar a colaborar en Debian

You'll find a README inside the slides tar file with a summary of what I talked about during each slide. This is because slides are very visual, with almost no text.

I hope you like it!


Gràcies per la xerrada, no hi vaig ser en directe. Tot i les opcions que ofereixes encara no m'atreveixo a participar, però me n'has fet venir ganes.!!

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| 2013/03/12 14:14 | reply

M'ha vingut molt bé la xerrada, perquè estic mirant com involucrar-me a Debian cap a debian maintainer / developer

moltes gràcies!

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| 2013/12/28 15:54 | reply

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ahmed elsayed
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